Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Holiday Highlights

Finished RaeAnna's burp cloths.

Libby napped.

Took a picture of my new shirt I got to wear to Twilight: Eclipse Saturday night. So silly, I know! Oops - the mirror. You can't read it.

Here's what it says (for those who have read/seen Twilight, you'll understand what it means).

The 30 weeks belly.

Saturday baby shower! RaeAnna liked her stuff!

She was very excited we got her the diaper genie!

Loved Eclipse - very fun.

We went to a parade on the morning of the fourth. (no pics.)

Fireworks on the night of the Fourth with Corey, Keri, Carson, Sue and Scott. I really need to take a class to learn how to use my camera.

Monday, Marcie and I made sugar-free strawberry freezer jam with agave nectar.

Very easy and fun.

Love these little jars.

And labels just make me happy!

Evelyn worked on adding some "flair" to baby's curtains. She didn't want her picture taken.

Seriously, look how cute these curtains are! They were cute to begin with, but Evelyn added some more of the fabric from the baby quilt to the top.

Here's a closer look. Love it! Thank you, Thank you, Evelyn!

Preparing for the baby shower at our house in a couple of weeks, Bill power-washed the back patio and furniture Bob and Marcie gave us. It went from this...

To this... after some washing, priming and paint. LOVE. Can't wait until the cushions come in the mail.

Have a great week!


Chelsi said...

Love your burp clothes! LOVE the curtains! Actually, TRIPLE LOVE the curtains! I wish I were that creative! Love the china cabinet, great idea! I loved the candid pic of you blogging too... HA! Ok, are you sick of me saying I love everything? Oh yeah, I love Spooner's and Bark & Garden!!! :)

Just had to catch up as I've been a bad blogger for the past couple of weeks. :)

Courtney said...

Chelsi, you are too sweet! Thanks for the nice coments!!!

Seizing My Day said...

Courtney you are a talented nester!! ha ha! =) just like Chelsi said... I love it all too! Green is one of my favorite colors... but I never finish a project and I am a terrible decorator! *sigh* we all have our talents... =) I never thought to use agave nectar for the sugar! I usually do the reduced sugar instead!! Spooners is on my list... I better get to it before they sell out!


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