Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'll Take This Over Flowers Any Day

Since when can my husband build things? I'm LOVING his new interest and talents. Here is the latest - whipped up in a couple of hours. I went outside into the garage to check his progress, smelling the fresh, sweet smell of sawdust and there it was! Finished! My new shoe cabinet. I am happy. I know my shoes are my happy!

Thank you, honey! So excited for the next project. We're going to figure out some new cabinetry/bookcases for the office. I can hardly wait!

PS: Am I the only weird one who stores their shoes in the garage? We don't wear our shoes inside anyway. YES I worry about a spider or something else creepy crawling inside so I shake them before wearing. But, it really works well so I don't have carry shoes through the house. Haven't had any problems...

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