Monday, June 13, 2011

NINE Months

Dearest Elyse,

June 12 you turned nine months old! Thank you, my dear baby girl, for making that day so special. You see, yesterday was also four years since my Mom went to heaven. I really miss her. When you were born, I was so happy, yet made it made me ache for own Mama all over again. A friend recently said to me, "I understand Courtney. I think the saddest thing ever is for a daughter to become a parent for the first time without their mother. It is just not how it is meant to be." Yes, it is sad. I am sorry you two couldn't be together. You see, my Mom lived her whole life waiting until the day she could become a Grandma. She would have loved and spoiled you to pieces. But, I do remain positive and am quickly reminded of all the other ways we are blessed. I am also comforted knowing you have someone extra special looking over you in heaven. 

Today, you weigh 20 pounds and are 28 inches long. You hovered at around 50% on the growth charts until four months and are now in the 87th percentile. We are so fortunate you are healthy. Your doctor said you are doing amazing!

You do love eating food! We have had no problems with you adjusting to eating all of the food varieties. We don't even do much with purees anymore. We still send them along with the Grandmas and you have rice cereal often for breakfast, but other than that, you eat all kinds of things. You just love feeding yourself! Last night you even had supreme pizza (no crust). I removed the pepperoni, but you ate everything else - cheese (of course), sauce, sausage, olives, mushrooms! I was shocked. I thought you'd be picking through it, but nope! Yes, you pretty much like anything and everything right now.

We've had a pretty grey Spring so far. However, a couple weekends ago, we were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather. You loved being able to hang out in the backyard.

We had some sleep issues earlier in the month after your ear infection. You slept with us a lot when you weren't feeling well and it seems you really liked that! Honestly, we enjoy it too, but we know it doesn't let any one of us get good sleep. A few patient nights of going in and out of your room whenever you'd wake up and rubbing your back, and soon you were back on track. Now, most nights you sleep until at least 6 a.m. You're a pretty good sleeper.

That's my lens cap again. You are so good to hold it for me.

Drying diapers in the sun! We haven't been able to do this since we started cloth diapering!

You've definitely gotten more separation anxiety. It's not bad, but it does happen. You now even get upset sometimes when Daddy walks out of the room. As much as it feels bad seeing you cry, I know he likes giving you that extra kiss and snuggle to soothe you. 

You love necklaces! You seem to focus in whenever you see someone wearing one. You won't pass up any opportunity to lean in and sneak a taste! Yes, the one in the picture below is a favorite of yours for sure!

So, forgive me for talking about your potty-habits, but you have a tendency to "hold it" and then go all at once. Your diaper will be super dry even after a nap and then an hour later you will be soaked. I worry sometimes I didn't get the cloth diaper on right or that we are having leaking problems with them. However, last week we went to Ikea and I changed you into a disposable in the parking lot. Ten minutes later, I was holding you and felt something wet. You had leaked, more like soaked, your entire onesie, shirt and pants. I couldn't believe it. We ended up changing you in the couch section!

On the days when we aren't fortunate to have sunny weather, we do keep ourselves busy inside. One Sunday, we decided to organize Daddy's clothes. You were very interested in this project.

You loved crawling all over his clothes, finding drawstrings and zippers to chew on and shaking that (tightly sealed) Ziploc baggie of pennies around.

One morning you were in the bathroom with Dad and he decided to help you out with your hair styling. A little bit of gel and this is what we got! Crazy how much your hair has grown.

You are very social and really aren't afraid of anyone. You love animals and children. You have a ball at our baby group although we're working on being more gentle. Today, you tried to hold onto Luke (8 mos) to stand up and pushed him straight backward and he bonked his head. He cried so hard and was really nervous around you the rest of the time. Poor bud!

This is a very typical happy face of yours! Just close your eyes and imagine the screech that goes along with it!

You are crawling all over the place now, pull yourself and creep/cruise to get yourself wherever you want to go. And yes, you are often on your tiptoes.

Libby is often not far away from you. She just had to get in the picture! We remain impressed with how incredibly patient she has been with you. She lets you climb on her and even mess with her feet (she barely lets us touch them!).

This is your blowing bubbles face that has continued since last month. You do this when you are playing contently. And here you are on your tiptoes. My Mom said I walked on my tiptoes for months, so we will see how this progresses with you.

This last month has brought some more teeth! You were ready to add to your two bottom teeth and at least four are coming in on top. You don't really like me looking.

In addition to "hi", "hey" and "Dada" you have a few new words. OK, they are mostly baby babble, but sometimes it really sounds like you're saying, "I did" and "I do".

We love plastic-coated bibs. They really are the best invention. The kind with pockets are the best because they catch everything that drops and often you eat your leftovers when Mama or Daddy is cleaning your tray after you eat.

We went to the mall the other day and we had to snap a quick photo before we left because you looked just too darn cute.

I read here about these pillows and knew we just had to get one for you. I was stunned with how well it turned out. The back is pink and white polka dot and the scripture is free-hand embroidery done by machine. This gal is so talented and I love that the proceeds support such a great cause. When I opened the package while at the mailbox it choked me up when I saw it. I love the scripture and the fabric colors are perfect! I had originally intended to save it for your birthday, but your Dad and I loved it too much to keep it on the shelf until then.

Thank you baby girl, for another wonderful month with you! We love you to pieces!



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I love that pillow!!! And such a GOOD scripture verse!


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