Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year Photo Dump

Don't have a whole lot of hot news 'round here. Except, I told Bill Friday - this is the first time we are all healthy in over two months - we're doing something this weekend. We didn't do anything exciting - shopping trip to Tacoma. But, go we did - and as a healthy family.

Here is the Missy on New Year's Eve.

Man, this girl loves her some milk. It is pretty much an appendage. It goes wherever she goes. And sometimes, the sippy cups go missing. Wow, that isn't fun when they are found.

This cat sure puts up with a lot. He won't admit it, but he kinda likes her.

There's her BFF again - yep, sippy cup.

Crazy hair and out of focus - yet the girl can't help but be cute.

Morgan and Campbell came over. They were having a sleepover next door and brought us some of their artwork. Morgan has said since Elyse was a few months old, "She's always staring at me." Yep, still is. She likes Morgan a lot.

Help from Daddy with her Jeep. She says it now, "Jeep, Jeep!"

I try really hard not to press my personal views onto my daughter. Like, I don't like celery, but it doesn't mean she won't love it. Case in point - my daughter saying hello to Aunt Sue and Uncle Scott's rat named Trixie. I'm pretty nervous around Trixie - this hasn't been their first little creature. So, I let them do their thing and I stayed behind my zoom lens across the room.

She wasn't so sure at first, but oooh, we like Trixie now.

We like her better in her bubble though. Not so sure. Except later, when she'd walk over to cage saying, "Tixie - Tixie!"

Showing Lucien the ropes on her new Jeep.

A well-used adjective for this girl - BUSY! She is busy, busy and into everything. She asks to get up now - onto the couch, chair or when she wants you to hold her. It sounds like "uppy" because she is saying "Up, Please" and often signs please on her chest. She knows how to work it.

When she got sick at Gram-E's house, Gram-E taught her how to say P-U and hold her nose. She now does that for us when she has a stinky diaper. Funny girl!

Yes, we still like the thumb. Thumb breaks are required in the middle of being busy.

And, checking to make sure no one is coming over. Notice my reflection and the hand prints all over the other window. Yes, we do this a lot.

Thumb again.

We like to drive our Jeep. Check under the hood. And, yes, even climb on the hood and stand on top without holding on. Ugh.

We really like brushing our teeth. Elyse has to have her own toothbrush while we are brushing our teeth.

And more busy-ness. Must crawl underneath the piano to get to the other side of the room. It is more fun that way.

Somebody likes it when I am on the floor at Elyse's level trying to take pictures. She wanted a turn. This is Elyse's "Dodgie" as she calls her.

More pets for Wilson. Oh, my - look at that face.

Our spare room is the best spot in the house for pictures. Great light. It was almost sunset and we had really pretty light.

I told her there was a doggie outside to get her to look out the window. She didn't buy this trick for long.

Wilson enjoyed the sunshine too.

This picture doesn't look like much, but Elyse was carrying around a photo of my Mom. She was talking to it, pointing and has simple as it was - my heart wanted to explode.

I'm sure it was nothing, but if there was any chance at all that meant a connection with her Grandma Kathy - I'll take it.

There's that girl's cool eyes again. They remind me of those mood rings from junior high.

Wilson's on the bed - have to check it out.

This was right after she broke a ceramic ball. Exploring has it's causalties.

It is still a very favorite game to help Mom sort laundry. The cool thing is, we're starting to like putting things BACK! Hallelujah!

That's all we've got for now. See you soon!

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