Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunshiney Days

The sun is out and wow, does my Pacific Northwest heart become grateful.

This was just this morning. Playgroup at Olympia Family Theatre. These kids are too sweet!

Love them.

We walked to the park and then Deanna and I took the kiddos to lunch at 5th on 4th - YUM.

 This was last week - Maggie and Elyse picking "flowers". So cute!

Spring fair in Puyallup with Anna. Ice cream and dock dogs.

We loved watching these happy pups!

Puyallup Spring Fun Fair - Dock Dogs from Courtney on Vimeo.

This horse had a pink tail - Elyse was in love.

The horse's owner asks, "How old are you?" She holds up four fingers - "I'm two!"

Last weekend - Chelsey and I took the kiddos to the Seattle aquarium. Elyse got cranky near the end. I don't know why, but I think these pictures are the best. Parents never care - "Go ahead - take the picture!!"

My photos aren't clear, but I still wanted to show you this - she loved chasing the puffins.

The octopus was so cool - but she did not like him. I wasn't allowed to get close. I wasn't allowed to touch the starfish either. My bossy girl.

The pretend one was less scary, I guess.

Beecher's for lunch - YUM!

 We found the gum wall by accident! Adrion's turn to be sad.

I let Elyse add my gum to the wall. She thought it was gross, but not too gross to add mine!

On a not-so-sunny day a few weeks ago, Elyse, Marcie and I did some shopping at the mall. And, got talked into a train ride through the mall by the little one. What we wouldn't do for her!

And she took a ride in a rocket ship.

Just hanging out in my princess crown. It was Eula's birthday (her stuffed dog's name for the day).

 These are the kinds of pictures I find on my phone or iPad.

My iPad takes the worst photos ever, but sometimes I find cute ones I still must share with you.

Wilson had climbed up there himself.

And yesterday... We found her in just her panties, socks and sequin hat. She was pretending to be a mama cat.

And our real kitty was enjoying the sun too - handsome boy!

And some messing with Libby.

Elyse now draws people - like this.

Happiness is making up lots of waffles to store in the refrigerator. Elyse's favorite!

And some mornings when dressing yourself - you must take your princess dress off before eating your breakfast. Her idea - not mine.

Happiness is my friend, Lora. We got to see her at her garage sale. Elyse got to come home with a giant Barbie house and a bunch of Barbies to go with it. Lora and I were giggling over these weird Bratz dolls that look like they've had work done. I need to work on my "duck lips".

We've had great times lately enjoying ourselves. What about you?

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