Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Feeling super grateful after this amazing Easter weekend. Get ready for a picture-packed post. Feel free to scroll quickly if it bores you - I just had a hard time choosing, so decided not to be choosy.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt:


Afterward, we headed to the mall to what I thought was the Living Water Easter Egg Trek... Not exactly, but Hands On Children's Museum and YMCA saved the day by still having a few things to do. We made these paper cones and Elyse was enthralled putting them in this wind tunnel.

It was a rainy, stormy day - fortunately our outdoor egg hunt was early enough to miss all of that. We spent our rainy afternoon preparing for the next day. First stop, egg decorating.

She played hard that night chasing a balloon all over the living room. All fun came to an end quickly when she fell and hit her upper teeth on the base of the ottoman. She was upset all night. But, the Easter Bunny came! And that helped a lot!

Owww, my teeth hurt!

Morning at Grandma Francie's and Papa Fred's for a quick breakfast and egg hunt.

Later, after naptime it was time for more chocolate.

Her teeth were sore enough she had to improvise eating her chocolate.

And, guess who's coming to Easter dinner? All our friends!!!

These guys were cute and LOUD at their table. I am so glad everyone at my table has a three year old too so no feeling like you need to apologize!

The kiddos played hard and the Easter Bunny went to work outside. They were so excited to go hunt!

Elyse's choice of footwear for outside egg hunting - too funny! We were just happy they weren't princess shoes.

Lucien was just hilarious - full speed ahead. He bit it several times in his exuberance - cute kiddo!

Bill helps Ava find an egg - he's shooing Elyse away! Funny stuff.

Ava's run - so precious!

This girl is too darling!

 Ava wanting to go down the slide with the big kids!

"I'll push you, Lucien!!"

Precious girls - we're still working on modesty here.


To cap it off, Shawn, Deanna and I took Lucien and Elyse to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman at the drive-in (Bill had to work in the morning).

The kids were so good! It was a Sunday night so hardly anyone was there. The Moms were in our car and the kiddos and Shawn camped it in the back of the Mazda (as below). They had an Easter raffle and we actually won - Elyse got a big stuffed Easter Bunny and a chocolate bunny too!

Fun weekend - thankful days.

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