Monday, April 9, 2012

New Beginnings

It is easy to get focused on the eggs, candy, baskets and ham dinners. But, Easter is about hope and new beginnings. I had an inspired morning on Easter listening to a message at a new church. It is a large church and completely out of my comfort zone of The Lord's Prayer and hymns on page such-and-such, but it was interesting to try something new.

I didn't end up taking any pictures on Easter Sunday, but here's what we did get on Saturday.

I took Elyse to the mall where a local church sponsored an Easter Egg hunt and celebration. Elyse had a ball. We got her face painted with one of her favorite things - BALLOONS. She was so sweet and super good. She held really still and admired herself in the mirror afterward. I was so proud of her!

They gave away balloons and we had to stand in line for one. She was so excited seeing them everywhere repeatedly saying, "BOOOON!"

Pushing the stroller is great fun.

We saw our cousin Sophia on stage. She participated in a dance-off and a hula hoop contest. The girl is NOT shy. She was happy to see Elyse.

Not a fan of the Easter Bunny.

Grandma Jo, Sue and Scott came over later for dinner. Sue and Scott brought Libby a present - a leather jacket! So funny. Sadly, it didn't fit.

We had a yummy ham dinner with potatoes and a seven-layer salad. It was pretty good if I do say so myself.

We colored eggs. Paas has come a long way, let me tell you. Such vibrant colors and glitter! So fun!

She liked it.

Grandma was fascinated by the entire process.

Big smiles for Aunt Sue.

Time to hunt for eggs!

She had it figured out quick!

Libby thought it was fun too!

All that hard work paid off. Daddy let her have some chocolate.

She loves to look at the pictures in the camera.

Someone is teething again and gets fussy. She wanted to go bye-bye when Grandma Jo was leaving. So, Sue and I took her for a walk around the neighborhood. But, Sue had to snap this photo first. I know she is sad and crying, but it is still cute!

Guess what? The Easter Bunny came to our house!!

I hope your Easter was joyous!

PS: Thanks to Aunt Sue and Uncle Scott for taking pictures for us!

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