Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Hard Being Little

Lucien and Elyse - January 2012 playgroup.

Elyse has always been an easy baby. Now that she is officially in toddlerhood, she can definitely have her more trying days. Don't get me wrong, she is a very good girl, but she is 19 months old! I'm always telling her, "It is hard being little, isn't it?" It is hard when you feel like you're communicating, but don't have the words. Have basically no patience. Teeth hurt. Want things and are told no. Yep, life can be tough.

We've had a great weekend, but it has been a little rough for her. She is teething, had a runny nose, wanted to play, but then would change her mind and want to be held and didn't sleep very well, waking during the night and naps needing to be comforted. Yep, it is tough being little.

We stayed home from playgroup today. I was pretty bummed about that because she loves being with her friends. She always has so much fun. I'm pretty sure her runny nose is from teething and she has no fever. But, she is just not a happy girl and I didn't want to risk exposing her friends in case she is contagious.

We went and ran some errands this morning. She loves going "bye-bye" and I find her frustrations are much less when we are on-the-go and it was too cold to be outside.

I put a dress on her with some leggings. We hadn't worn the dress in a while and as soon as I put it on I realized it was just too tight at the top. "Owww," she said. I went to pull it over her head and realized it had caught on her tooth. Did I mention her mouth was already sore? Now, I had a screaming baby and as I went to get the fabric off the tooth I realized it was just too awkward to get off. It was very tight around the shoulders and arms. She was already so upset, I just grabbed some scissors and cut it off.

It was just one of those days. I hated ruining the dress, but I hate a sad baby even more. Ever have one of those days? Enjoy your Monday. We sure will.
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