Friday, April 6, 2012

Sprucing Up

Elyse had a pair of leggings I'd set aside that had gotten a hole torn in the seat that I needed to mend. I'd added to the pile some hand-me-downs we'd received - a dress from her cousin and a brand new boys sweatshirt. The dress was perfectly good it just needed a little detail. The sweatshirt was clearly for a boy and had a little basset hound on it. I meant to go into the fabric store and pick up something to jazz them up. It seems almost all of her clothes these days have little flowers on them - fabric, felt, yarn. They make her already cute clothes somehow even cuter!

The very next day we picked up Evelyn to go to breakfast and she handed me these crocheted rosettes she'd found on Etsy. She bought several so she could make more herself. She gave me two and they were PERFECT for my project.

First - here is the sweatshirt. Again, nothing wrong with it. It is just clearly for a little boy.

Here's a closer look at the little embroidered dog. Sorry, doggie - you're cute, but we're covering you up!

Next is the dress. Very cute, but pretty plain.

Here are the afters - first up is the dress. This little heart really makes the dress even sweeter.

Next is the hoodie. Just a little something that says GIRL!

Only took a few minutes during Elyse's nap (including sewing up those torn pants).

You can find these embellishments for pretty cheap at craft stores like Michael's and JoAnn's and also on on-line sellers such as Etsy! Or, show your crocheting friend this photo and maybe they can make you some.

Thanks, Evelyn!

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