Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Fraud - Part Two

We never did figure out how our credit card number was "compromised." Don't you love that term? I have good news and bad news about this episode - fortunately, mostly good. I did found out that the charges - to the tune of $86.00 and some change - were to what was referred to as a subscription to an "adult entertainment site." The charges were made from some other country, as international assessment fees were also charged.

The billing company reversed the charges when I called (the good news). The bad news is that I still don't know for sure how this happened. My hunch is that it surrounds a website I visited a few months back where I purchased some magazine subscriptions for my brother's birthday. He let me know they'd never arrived. I found the site again and tried to check into the delivery. Funny - no response, but suddenly these charges started relating to a much different kind of subscription.

Bill and I have had our jokes around this. Couldn't they at least tell us what the site was? What was the password at least? haha. Yeah. Trying to keep up the humor in a frustrating situation sometimes doesn't last long.

Any advice on not having this happen again? We're all ears!


Storms24 said...

Check with your major credit card company (VISA or MasterCard). Depending upon which bank it is issued through, they sometimes offer "virtual" account numbers for these kinds of web transactions. Don't know about all of them, but mine are good for a single authorized purchase - after that they become worthless. Your real account number never changes - just the number you input into the website.

Anonymous said...

Yes, have the bank issue you a new number. We did that and never had a problem again... Mel


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