Saturday, April 11, 2009

Libby of the Libbenshire... and Libya

Libby is about six and a half months old now and weighs 30 lbs. She was spayed last week and stayed overnight at the vet. We were nervous about bringing her home - worrying she might not feel well. That certainly wasn't a problem. She was a complete spaz and it was practically impossible to "keep her quiet for 4-5 days." Yeah right!
Check out her curly tail! That tail did not start out that way and the older she's gotten the more it curled. That is the fun of having a mutt or border collie-bull mastiff-labrador; you just never know what you're gonna get. When Bill called to check on her after the surgery he asked, "Is her tail still curly?" The tech said, "Oh yes, I played with it while she was under anesthesia." How cute is that?
Here is her owie. Can you believe what a small incision it is? (I didn't post this to be gross, honest. Just wanted you to see how small it is). She'll get the stitches out next Friday.

And here is the latest round of Wilson v. Libby. Don't you worry, Wilson can always hold his own!


Anonymous said...

Rusty and Ruby do this with each other ALL the time! The cat entices the dog several times per day by jumping at her and rolling around on the floor batting his paws in the air. They both totally love it!

I saw your brother and his wife today at our church Easter egg hunt! Was great to see them and your sweet little nephew. :)

Courtney said...

I know. It is actually kind of nice to have the cat and dog entertain one another!!


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