Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Lucky Agate

It was fast, but a worthwhile trip. Our first stop was Saturday night in Gold Beach, Oregon. As soon as we checked in, we changed our clothes and headed to the beach. It was windy, but beautiful.
For those that don't know Sue - she is a collector. She was eager to search for agates... She looked and looked.

She was so proud when she found this one! A big 'un. The staff at the hotel reception desk were very impressed. She carried it in her pocket the entire trip for good luck. I think she needs to make it into a giant earring. Just one. Yeah - that'd be awesome.

We arrived in Standish, CA (just outside of Susanville) the following afternoon with a bug splattered windshield and achy joints. Monday morning, we picked up her Mom and had breakfast. The two hadn't seen each other in four years. It was a sweet reunion.

Next thing you know, it was already time for the trip home Tuesday morning. We said goodbye to our hosts - Dar and Rudy (and little Fritz). OK, I really liked that dog. Super cute.
We pumped gas and took one last look at something Sue still owns... the property across the street with a rental and historical building. It probably would have sold years ago if it weren't for this darn housing recession.

We spent our last night in Eugene. We had great fun going through the bags of things Sue's Mom gave her. There were 50+ pairs of socks, several undies, funny keychains, childhood crafted pottery, collectible mini liquor bottles and other unmentionables. You know, stuff your Mom gives you. This required a photo shoot.

It was great spending time with Sue. I don't know what I'd do without her.

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