Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When we first moved into our house our friend OJ had a hard time orienting herself to where our new house was. We are kind of in the middle of our three connected cities. She looked at a map on-line and set out one morning to go drive around and see things nearby. We live somewhat close to Wolf Haven. She was very interested in this, "Have you been there? What it is like? Can you hear them?" My answers - "Yes." "There are wolves there" and "No, we only hear coyotes." But, secretly I kind of wanted to go there too. We were needing to entertain Tanner and Maggie last weekend, so I thought - perfect - let's go see the wolves!

Tanner and Maggie were into it, but not because of the 40 wolves that lived there - because of the two coyotes they'd see. They were very curious and Maggie even said, "I'm kind of scared."

Here's what I learned.

Wolves eat meat and the tour guides talk about this - "Yes, last week we brought in a 200 lb elk carcass which the wolves dragged by the snout to the back of the enclosure."

Tanner: Why did he kill the elk, Courtney?

Me: Honey, the elk was already dead. [Yikes, change the subject quick!]

Tanner: How did he die?

Me: Oh, he'd lived a long life. He was old and sick.

Tanner: But, what about the elk's Mom and Dad?

Me: [Oh no, think, think!] He was old honey and his Mom and Dad weren't around.

Tanner: Well, why did the wolf want to eat the elk?

Me: Because they are wild animals and they eat meat.

Tanner: That's reallllly gross. Why do they do that?

Me: Well, you eat meat.

Tanner: No, I don't.

Me: Yes, you eat hamburgers and ribs and...

Tanner: But, I don't eat the FUR! Why do they eat the fur?

Me: [Oh boy, his Mom and Dad are going to kill me!] Well, sometimes they don't.

Tanner: Do they eat the bones too?

Oh, my. Maybe this was a mistake. But, he was quickly distracted. Enough to say:

Tanner: Courtney? I'm glad you brought me here, but... it is kind of boring. She talks a lot. But, I still love you.
Here's Maggie trying to muster a smile while still being silly - a difficult balance.

The End!


molli said...

That is too funny. He is really into things being boring right now. Don't take offense to it. Thanks so much for all your help with our kiddos.

The Norris Clan said...

That is a priceless conversation! I loved Wolf Haven growing up. I totally remember a field trip out there. Think it was for Brownies or something. BTW - has anyone told you that you look like Carrie Underwood? You're prettier thought :-) I love that pic of you with Maggie...

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is you are awesome Courtney and I love ya!



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