Monday, October 24, 2011

Friends for Mama and Baby

Kelly & Lydia, Deanna & Lucien, Janelle & Gabby, Erin & Luke, Me & Elyse, Sam & Olivia

When Elyse was about five months old, I started attending a baby reading group at the library each Monday (my day off). It was great fun, she adored it and I got to meet some Moms with little ones the same age as Elyse. One day, the librarian announced they were stopping the Monday group and moving it to Wednesday. I listened to the discussion of people making adjustments to coming on Wednesday instead, switching Baby Gym that day, etc. I was really sad. I didn't have another "day" with my baby. I casually mentioned to a gal named Sam sitting next to me that I wondered if we could host our own group at one of our houses... And so, our Monday baby/play group began! We meet almost every Monday. We've canceled for holidays like the fourth of July due to vacations and recently because almost every little one was sick - but we've met every other Monday since.

We've literally watched them grow together before our eyes: rolling over, crawling, teething and now walking! The babies have great socialization - not to mention how helpful it is for us Moms! I have learned such great tips like offering tofu when Elyse was first trying solids (an easy to nibble protein), the best sippy cups, airplane travel advice and favorite snack foods for on-the-go! What a great group of women and such darling babies! What started as something specifically for my daughter has become something really important for me too! It is so nice to talk to parents literally going through the same stage as we are. We have all helped each other and it has been something I look forward to each and every week.

Here they are in May 2011 (all about eight months old):

And more recently:

These next couple are funny. Three of the girls were fascinated watching Luke get his diaper changed!

Olivia turns one and the babies come in costume.

Playing at Lucien's party.

Kelly & Lydia

Erin & Luke (trying to get him to not cry)

Janelle & Gabby

Sam & Olivia

Deanna & Lucien


Luke is the youngest. He is forever tortured by Elyse and she still often makes him cry.

Gabby is Elyse's birthday twin. She is super-sweet and we cuddle each week.

Lydia is so tiny and sweet. She sucks on her fingers instead of her thumb and it is so darling (even if our shared pediatric dentist doesn't agree. He wants Lydia and Elyse to ditching the sucking at 2. Oh boy).

Olivia is a darling little girl and so smart!

Lucien is sweet and funny! He is a trooper and keeps right up with the girls!

Last, but not least. The funny (and real) look into typical life of baby group. This is when babies have had enough pictures. I found this quite hilarious and told Janelle to keep on snapping the remote!

What a wonderful group of women and their children. We are all first time Moms and it has been a real pleasure to go through this experience together.What a blessing they have been to my daughter and me. Thank you! It is so fun watching them grow up together!

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dkcook7 said...

What a great post. It made me emotional to read what beautiful things you had to say and see our babies at the first "Monday Play Group". Thanks for taking pictures of all these joyous moments. - deanna


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