Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Right now, I'm enjoying...

We are entering into the season of thanks. It leads me to share some of the things that have been bringing a smile to my face lately. Here we go...

Spray paint. It turned dingy garage sale knicknaks into these pretty white doves to decorate our shelves. It also transformed an ugly wicker laundry basket and an antique table into matching side tables for our spare room.

This hand cream. My boss got it for me for my birthday in 2010. Still loving it. It is so creamy, yet doesn't leave a greasy feel.

Raspberries. Elyse LOVES them. Blackberries too. Blueberries are now shoved aside when she sees these guys.

The new light in our office. It really completes the room. Thank you my special SECRET friend who gave it to us. What a wonderful gift! XXOO

Pinterest. I know, I keep saying it. But, check out the shower hooks I used to hang my necklaces. You can use a towel rack and shower hooks to hang a number of necklaces - neatly and stylishly! I already had a rack for necklaces, but it only had three hooks. Thank you, Pinterest. Would never have thought of that.

Getting rid of the excess. Thank you for the tax deduction for donating to charity and the ability to get STUFF out of our house. We're learning about lean methodologies at work and of course I love implementing the 5-S philosophy at home. I've taken about seven bags/boxes just in the last few weeks. I'm not patient enough to save stuff for a garage sale and the tax deduction makes it worth it. Heave ho!

Repairmen. OK, this is a love-hate relationship. But, a Sears repairman came to my house and fixed our washing machine. We thought for sure it would be irreparable or cost more than it was worth. Thank you, Mr. Sears Repairman for saving us at least a thousand dollars. Hooray for repairs over buying new!! (PS: Going on ten+ years on my Jeep - so proud!).

Fall. Yes, I'm a little sad to say goodbye to the warm weather. But, I am enjoying chai tea in my mug, pinecones and leaves on my shelves, wrapping up in sweaters, pumpkin roll Scentsy and apple crisp in the oven.

PW's Iced Coffee. I take an iced coffee to work every day thanks to this recipe. I'm pretty boring though - decaf, sugar-free vanilla creamer and some skim milk - but I love it. And sorry, Starbucks - more money in my pocket!

This song that played on the premiere of this season of Grey's Anatomy. It is Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. I downloaded it today on ITunes and it was FREE. Love it even more.

Laundry baskets on wheels (submitted by Elyse). Elyse thinks this is the best invention ever. Directions: First, pull all your dirty clothes out and then push the basket all over the family room. Done.

Super creative husband. We keep our litter box in a cupboard. We used to put a rag in the corner to keep it propped open so Wilson could slip in and do his *business*. Now, we have a creative little girl who wants to investigate. So, this is the contraption Bill made so Wilson can get in - and Elyse can stay out! Love it!

OK, that's all we've got for now. What's on YOUR list?

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