Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrating ONE!

Elyse's first birthday party was yesterday. Tomorrow is her actual birthday and I'll get into the real emotion of what turning one means when I get to putting together her 12 months post. Gulp. I'm getting e-mails calling my baby a TODDLER. Big gulp.

OK, back to the party. Pinterest was a big help. Marcie, Allen and I brainstormed birthday ideas and got lots of ideas from that great site. For instance - the big E (cardboard E, sprayed pink and covered in hot-glued silk flower petals). Sign made with a Cricut - once I figured out how to use the darn thing!

This was another Pinterest idea. Giveaways for the kiddos. Little jelly jars filled with jelly beans, matching fabric and little stickers with an owl that say, "Thanks for coming to my party - Love, Elyse."

Her smash cake.

This was a cake made with love by Mama, Marcie and Allen. We all added our creative touches. Again, inspired by Pinterest.

The cupcakes turned out pretty cute. Lots of people asked where we got the cupcake holders - Fred Meyer!

Pink, orange and green sanding sugar ( The little flowers are made by cutting a miniature marshmallow diagonally and putting the sticky part in sanding sugar. The centers are little candy pieces. Easy (thanks, Taryn!).

PS: How do you shoot in manual when you are facing a window? I gave up and turned it to Automatic. I kept getting just a silhouette!

Allen made the photo garland. I just printed out the monthly pics on Shutterfly. Purchased some orange ribbon and used the green ribbon from my wedding reception.

My little sweet pea. She was SO happy! Her shirt is from Etsy and the little skirt is from Costco. I think if all she got yesterday was love from family and friends and that balloon - that would have been just enough for her!

So excited!

Tanner and Maggie helped with presents.

Everyone was very generous. She got lots of contributions to her college GET account, many books and other fun things. Gram-E even spoiled her with her first Coach purse! Oh, my. We're starting her early!

Presents are fun!

Anna has been waiting to take the little cowgirl to a rodeo and got her lots of Western gear including this sign for her room!

She loves baby dolls. She tired a little with the opening of presents and went around visiting with her new baby.

Visiting with Uncle Allen!

She had a good time!

More baby love!

Saying hello to Grandpa Fred!

She wasn't so sure what to think of the cake. She enjoyed it, but I think she was more fascinated by seeing all of her favorite people watching her!

Daddy helped her out.

It was finger-lickin' good!

All the little cousins were excited by the jelly beans (sorry to the Moms and Dads!)

Baby dolls riding on new toys is super fun!

It was a super fun day for our baby girl. She was surrounded by a whole lot of love for her. We just couldn't ask for anything more!

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busycooking said...

Happy Birthday, Elyse!! Courtney you threw a beautiful party. I love the jelly bean party favors with the pretty fabric. :-)


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