Sunday, February 19, 2012

Memories: Puppy Training January 2008

I came across these videos from when Libby was a puppy and realized I had never shared them. So, I'm sharing them now - mostly for us (and Aunt Sue will like seeing them).

We did two things when Libby was a puppy. One was Puppy Playschool where you literally show up once a week and the puppies (of all shapes) and sizes play together. It is great for them socializing with other dogs, other people and having lots of fun. Libby always slept well those nights and it was lots of fun for us seeing all the different kinds of dogs. And who doesn't like to watch puppies play, right?

We also did a more structured weekly Basic Puppy Skills class. These classes were invaluable to us and I believe why we have such a well-behaved girl now. She is so good and has just amazed me how wonderful she is with Elyse.

In this exercise, two owners and their puppies had to call their dogs and whoever came first - wins. Yeah, Libby would get a little distracted. Good thing she improved in this area over the years.

PS: If you're local here's the dog training we used - Let's Talk Dogs. I really liked Dorothy. For those of you who know my friend Tina - she completely reminds me of her in appearance and personality! She is extremely knowledgeable and loves what she does.

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