Thursday, February 16, 2012

More LOVE.

It was kind of a last minute thought to put a red dress on Elyse, a red heart barrette in her hair and hand her a box of Daddy's chocolates all in an attempt to sneak in some pictures of her for Valentine's Day. We somehow did all of it - quick change, photo taking and even photo editing without Daddy even knowing.

Here are some others I enjoyed.

These chocolate boxes were from the $1 bin at Target. Perfect for our budget and perfect for our lack of impulse control on chocolates (only four per box!). Plus, they looked cute for our pictures!

My new favorite picture.

But, I do like the black-and-white too.

The resulting Valentine Photo Stamp.

One of the candid shots. This was after she took off down the hall with the box of candy. She returned candy-less. I searched franticly for it all day worrying that A) Bill would find it and ruin the surprise and more importantly, B) Libby would find it!

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that seemingly haven't turned out at all.

My baby turned seventeen months on the day we took these pictures. My sweet girl - we love you so much! You have taught us so much about love - for you and each other. We love you more than words can begin to express or our hearts can bear to fathom.


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1 comment:

Stephanie said...

oh. my. word. LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweet face! and that dress! :)

hope you guys are well!


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