Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alley Oop!

Elyse had her first day at Alley Oop - they have a gymnastics class just for toddlers! A bunch of stuff to climb, jump and run on and no one telling her no - this girl's heaven!

My baby girl. Patience can be tough and we had to wait to go play.

It was fun to have Luke and Erin joining us!

This was a long runway and the kids were supposed to jump up and down it.

Thankfully Daddy didn't catch pictures of me showing her how to jump!

Super fun!

Luke liked it too!

Did I mention it was like a runway?

Someone was strutting like she was walking the runway!

Luke figured out the jumping!

She was constant smiles.

No fear - obstacle course.

Time to jump in the foam pit.

A little nervous at first - but she was ready to jump in with Dad!

We had a little temper tantrum when we were told we had to wait our turn. Thankfully it ended quickly.

Super fun!

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