Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm a bit behind on the blogging front. I still have lots of picture I want to share with you, but I'll likely to get to that another day. Because my to-do list is growing and I just sucked up the last hour of my life attempting to create the pictures below into a time-lapse video with no success, I've given up and will share some with you another way.

This was last Sunday - Mother's Day. It was a beautiful day and we went to the zoo. Elyse was old enough this year to play in the Kid Zone, yet many of the toys were still too big for her. But, she didn't let that stop her.

This is a cup that you sit in and your weight starts it spinning. When you are as little as Elyse it really gets going. The harder she tried to get out, the faster it spun. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. Fortunately, Bill went to her rescue. While I was doubled over in laughter on a bench nearby, Bill got the cup to slow down to get her out. It was quite the sight and people around us were laughing too. I only wished I had it on video (thus my attempt at time-lapse). Even funnier, was when she got out clumsily stumbling around from the dizziness.

The girl never cried though. It also didn't stop her from wanting to find new toys to climb on. She's our character. We sure do love her.

PS: Click on the picture below for a closer look.

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