Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby, You are Two!

Dearest Elyse -
Today, my sweet daughter, you are two. TWO years. It seems like we've been together a lifetime, yet your arrival feels just like yesterday.
Thank you for making me a Mama - truly the most honored job I've ever had. We are so connected - you and me. I know one day you'll be rolling your eyes at me, thinking I'm so uncool. Until then, I will pick you up when you ask, kiss your cheeks when you let me and hold your hand in mine.
I look forward to continuing to watch you grow up. You're such a bright light - my sweet, independent, funny and smart girl!
Here's a look at this last year.


Elyse 2nd Bday from Courtney on Vimeo.

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

Great show! Elyse is a doll and obviously has a great set of parents. :) Lucky and lovely family.


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