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San Diego 2012

I labeled our Lake Tahoe posting with "2012" because we were in Tahoe at the exact same time last year. This was our first time going to San Diego and I added the year because we definitely plan to go back!! I do not have tons of beautiful pictures from this trip. I think it was because A) I was too busy running after Elyse B) I used my cell phone instead many times and C) I was too busy enjoying myself. But, still I have lots of photos to share!

Elyse was a real trooper on the flight from Reno to San Diego! We were so happy to see Daddy!

Here she is waiting for the rental car with all of our luggage..

Our first full day there we went to Sea World. San Diego was having unseasonably warm weather. Basically, it was HOT!

This was a child play area. Elyse loved walking across the draw bridge high in the sky. Daddy wasn't having it - he was down below.

Sea World was great. Elyse loved seeing all the fish and wildlife.

This sea turtle was so cool. He was right up against the glass. This was one of the few times in my daughter's life I've seen her truly scared. She did not like how close I was to him, not understanding the glass in between!

This was an Elyse favorite. Toddlers are simply entertained. Hand rail love.

Why oh why as parents do we insist on posing in front of the staged picture areas? Kids never are into it and they are never great pictures anyway. But, it never stops us!


Lots of, "Look! Mama! Daddy!!!"

Ummm, Mom are you trying to get me pose again? Did you not learn the first time?

Moving sidewalks. Love.

And, we tried again on the way out. Just can't not do it!!!

We went to a show and it was GREAT! Elyse loved it and couldn't take her eyes away. The only downside, this was the hottest I'd remembered being in a very long time. Those aluminum bleachers, way up high, wow - it was hot.

But, it was cool.

We went to a pet show called, "Dogs Rule". So, so, so cute. All three of us loved it.

We love our doggies!

And kitties!

I cannot imagine our Wilson ever doing this. Nope.

And more!

This was at the end of the day after going to dinner with Ben and Linda. Elyse would be so hyped up and would play away while we watched the summer Olympics. Shortly after this, I went in to take a shower and she hopped in with me - dress, hair bow and all! So funny. Some of my fondest memories of the trip was our nights in the hotel - having fun - just the three of us. And how she ended up sleeping with us - a couple of times.

The next day, we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was another hot day, but somehow it didn't seem as hot as at SeaWorld (maybe it was the lack of aluminum seating)? Smile.

First thing, we said hi to a cute little panda.

But, she was not about to get too close to her.

We rode the big bus all around the zoo. That was the best idea! We did it first thing before she got tired (thanks for the tip, Jessica!) and that way we got to see almost the entire park. For, outings like these are abbreviated when you have a little one who needs to get back for naptime! She loved seeing all the animals from up high. Yet, my favorite memory was when she saw a woman with dark hair and yelled, "Mahcie!!!" So cute!

We went to the petting zoo.

I find it very funny that we traveled to another state to visit one of the best zoos in the world and we spent about 30 minutes with the goats.

We even have goats right around the corner from our house!

But, Elyse REALLY likes goats.

We did see other animals too. Just no petting involved. I cannot for the life of me remember what this animal was.

Before the trip, Bill and I made up a giant ziploc that we filled with a bunch of toddler friendly snacks for the trip - Cheerios, goldfish, freeze dried fruit, yogurt puffs, etc. We just filled it up each day before our outings. Perfect!


This was the look of wonder that makes it all worth it! I admit, I got teary a couple of times watching our daughter get so excited. Love her.

I thought this was cool that the lady fed this turtle.

Elyse did not. Not a turtle fan.

These were interesting alligators.

Scratching an itch.

Elyse almost never falls asleep in the stroller. Poor bud - she was tuckered out.

We went to an amazing place for lunch (to go) called Burger Zone. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! We went back to our friends' Ben and Linda's and while Elyse napped, we hung out in the pool to escape from the heat. This was the best!

I took this picture while still in the pool.

The droplets you see on the upper left are from the huge splash I made freaking out when it quickly jumped away. I am so lucky I didn't lose the camera!

This particular morning, we went to a fantastic Farmer's Market with Linda. I had a drink with crushed cucumer and pineapple. It was so refreshing. Bill and I researched some great restaurants from before we left and I also used and to recommend local eateries. We'd planned to go to this great place right on the water that was supposed to have the best fish tacos served with mango salsa and jalapeno creme fraiche - YUM! However, the wait was over an hour (noooo).

Thanks to Foursquare, we ended up across the street at a Mexican restaurant and saved $5.00 (yes!).

Elyse makes a sour face whenever first tasting a lemon or lime, but still goes for it!

My beautiful babe.

Our last day with Ben and Linda, we went to brunch. Had more pool time and ordered pizza for dinner. We brought Sprinkles cupcakes. So good. Below clockwise is red velvet with cream cheese frosting, two S'more, black and white, chocolate covered marshmallow and banana with milk chocolate frosting. YUM.

Elyse had Ben wrapped around her finger. It was very cute. They'd play the "GO" game as she'd throw a pool plug into the pool for him to get while she giggled hysterically! This went on for some time!

Silly baby and Daddy.

Cupcakes were a hit. Check out the graham cracker bottom!


A little Caillou came in handy when she kept running into their house getting into who-knows-what.

Bill did a photo shoot for us.

Rosey got in on the action!

Friends. Love it.

Ben's like - "Who ARE these people?"

Used the remote for some group photos. Love the outtakes.

We met Ben and Linda while we were both on our honeymoons in Fiji.
Just loved seeing them again! Where are you looking, Ben??

Such a great trip. Good friends. Beautiful weather. Amazing food. Sweet memories made with our daughter. When can we go again???

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