Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tahoe 2012

I went on vacation in early August and was gone for almost two weeks. I've been very behind in blogging. Work has been busy and we took the trailer out again just last weekend. Busy summer

OK - so the vacation! First, just us girls (Marcie, Elyse and me) flew to Reno to stay in Lake Tahoe. Marcie had a conference and us girls tagged along. Plus, Alyson only lives a couple of hours away, so she was there most of the trip too.

We stayed at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Beautiful. Convenient. Family friendly. Loved this place.

Awesome Alyson.

Alyson liking to take pictures.

She always makes me pose. And for her - I'm always willing to be silly. I can't remember what adjective this was supposed to be.

This was a version of OJ's dramatic face. Love you OJ! :-)

Elyse loving the BBQ'd chicken at the dinner Marcie invited us along to.

I mean, she REALLY loved the chicken.

 Steve, my former boss and Marcie's current boss, was super great with Elyse. He took her right in front of everyone so they could enjoy the band.

She would cry when he would leave. We won't talk about the night we were in the elevator going up to our respective floors and she ran off one floor and quickly into the elevator next door as the doors were closing. We got her out, but no kidding - all of us adults had to stop a minute to catch our breath. Scared us to death!! Poor Steve.

There are lots of camera phone photos mixed in. Not the best quality, but we could at least capture the moment. She loves being in the stroller - she calls it her "ride".

Very cool being at a place that once held the Olympics - when the summer Olympics were actually occurring.

The pools were simply the best. Not to mention breathtakingly beautiful.

Before Alyson got there, Marcie would be busy all day at the conference, so Elyse and I would be FORCED to spend the day at the pool. Smile.

We even had lunch poolside one day - just us girls.

Love her.

Love the kisses.

We went back to the room so she could take a nap and the maids were cleaning it. Darn - we had to kill time and go get some ice cream.

She wasn't too into the pool, but was very into the beachy area. She would play there for hours.


The day before we left on our next trip, Alyson went back home and Elyse and I went to the laundromat to wash our clothes. Now, the laundromat isn't exactly my favorite place to be. But, I don't need toddler clothing sitting for more than five days without being washed. This girl gets into everything.

We brought the Ipad with us for instant entertainment.

We walked to the bakery next door for a morning treat.

More pictures from the dinner (I'm a little out of order). Silly girl.


More friends!

More out of order... On the day of my birthday, Alyson, Elyse and I went to the Squeeze In (a Food Network recommendation) for an amazing breakfast. They had chocolate covered bacon and we just had to try it!

Elyse LOVED it.

Alyson brought some toys for Elyse to play with, but sometimes she still got bored. We definitely had way too much Caillou viewing. I'm sure glad our vacation tricks don't get to be too problematic at home.

This is evidence of a bad Mom tactic of mine. We'd said goodbye to Marcie as she headed back to class. Elyse was just bawling leaving her. She collapsed on the ground in hysterics. I whispered to her that she could watch Caillou. Now, crazy me thought she'd forget that by the time we made the trek through the hotel and up the elevator to our room in time for her nap. No, "Caillou! Caillou" she kept crying. So, I told her five minutes of Caillou. I laid the Ipad in her pack-and-play and she watched it for five minutes. There wasn't even crying when I shut it off. And thankfully, she's never asked for that again!

Our last night, Marcie and I went back to downtown Truckee. Here is Miss Beautiful posing on a doorstep with her new doggie (she insisted on and named her Bibby).

Our beautiful girl.

Shopping before dinner.

Throwing rocks into Lake Tahoe. What is so great about this picture is we were in the same spot exactly 12 months ago.

Here is baby girl with Carin August 2011.

Oh, my sweet baby. How you've grown up!

Back to trip - Alyson was hot on geocaching. She'll kill me for posting this one. She said it is a total geocache fail - you are supposed to sly and not let people see you find your cache!

Al and Elyse.

That is the end of Lake Tahoe. More to come from our adventure to San Diego where we met up with Bill!

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