Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby Eli

It has been fun over the months watching our co-worker, Megan, progress through her pregnancy. As her due date drew closer, she asked if I could come take pictures of Baby Eli when he arrived. Eli came the Friday before Christmas. I got a message last night and Elyse, Bobbe and I got to go over for a quick photo session. Bobbe kept the kiddos entertained while we worked to try to get Mr. Eli to sleep. He was not wanting to snooze and it was fun to get creative. We tried for the "nakey baby" snuggled up picture, but he wasn't having it. Mama was a good sport holding him to keep him to keep him happy with a damp lap.

Fun times and precious baby boy!

Love this face!

I think this if my favorite!

He was hungry!

Little parts.

He was actually about to cry, but it looks like a grin!

Beautiful mother and new son. Look at his bottom lip!

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