Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tree - Splurge or Steal?

I am forever trying to balance my great need for nice things and keeping things reasonable. Case in point. Years ago, on a recommendation from Martha Stewart, I discovered the Fraser Fir. To me, it is the perfect tree. It has the perfect form, strong branches, pleasant scent, fuller than noble, needle retention - must I go on? Love them.

Living in Washington State, we have easy access to Christmas Tree farms. They are everywhere and literally I have several to choose from just in the nearby radius of my neighborhood. However, the frasers aren't as common, so I've come to learn to pay for them.

Last year I spent $70.00 on our tree, including shaking off the needles and netting. It really is ridiculous though, isn't it?

This year, we both agreed that we would do something different. Maybe we could get our special fraser fir every five years? Something to make it more special?

Cue - Ames Christmas Tree Farm.This was by the far easiest, cheapest, Christmas tree expedition ever! Ames has been around for years, although we'd never been there. It is very simple - very primitive. Cash only. Saws and chainsaws allowed - you can even bring your dog! Prices are $15 for Douglas Fir, $20 for Grand Fir and $25 for Nobles - same price for any size!

I couldn't wrap my mind around the noble. I know people love them, but neither of us have never cared for them. We found a Grand that had a few sturdy branches for the heavier ornaments. It was still HUGE. And best of all - FIFTEEN DOLLARS. Stop it!

Guess what, our fifteen dollar tree looks pretty darn great!

The finished product.

Merry Christmas!

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