Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Night at the Nutcracker

I have loved every stage of Elyse's growing up. I do miss her being a baby, but I definitely love the things we can do together now as she is growing up.

Marcie and I took her to her first performance of the Nutcracker. She did just awesome. She made it through almost the entire performance. There were probably five to ten minutes left when she said (loudly), "Is it all done yet?" I whispered to her asking if she wanted to go and she said, "Yeah, I need to go night-night!"

It was a very fun night. Marcie suggested us all dressing up. And that turned out to be very fun! Marcie added glittery eyeliner to my eyelashes and all three of us wore red lipstick (Elyse's was a very light version). Elyse was very excited about her new dress ($6 at a consignment sale!). Plus, her velvet jacket from Grandma Deanie still fit - two years now!

We went to a nice dinner at Budd Bay. I was SHOCKED to see my girl eating clam chowder - WOW!

Poor Marcie - Elyse ran her nylons not once, but TWICE climbing onto her lap repeatedly.

In front of the Washington Center Christmas tree.

Christmas magic.

We had a hilarious escapade on the sidewalk, with two of the three of us tripping and falling. We were laughing so hard our sides were splitting and tears were streaming down our faces. Elyse did NOT think it was funny however!

Great night with two girls I love.

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