Monday, May 12, 2014

Mama Day 2014

Could this have been my favorite Mother's Day yet? Maybe every year is meant to be that way.

Here is Mother's Day eve. We told her that night we were going to the beach in the morning. She was so excited! She probably asks to go to the beach every single day. No kidding.

We went to Long Beach - the first time we've gone together as a family. It was amazingly beautiful. 

She's been dying to fly her kite.

We forgot our pail and sand toys - but guess what the hotel had to loan out to guests?!

I'm not sure who had more fun - four legged girl or two legged girl.

My attempt to get a family photo = fail. This one was my favorite!

We ate lunch at a TripAdvisor recommended eatery - Lost Roo. It was super good. We all enjoyed our lunches. We went back to our room (loved the early 11 a.m. check-in) and Missy went down for a snooze. I had not one, but two margaritas at lunch (the second was free) so I was sleepy too. We all ended up napping!

Seriously, is there anything more precious?

When she woke up, she was dying to put on her "baby soup"and get to the swimming pool, but we tempted her with ice cream to get downtown. By the way - her cotton candy ice cream - S-I-C-K. Of course, she thought it was delicious.

When we got back, we hit up the pool and then went straight to the beach. It was the "golden hour" and the light was just perfect.

Elyse kept saying, "Mommy, come ON!" But, I couldn't even apologize for being slow... I couldn't stop taking pictures! Look at Libs - she was so happy!

This photo might end up on a canvas. I love it that much.

Here is where we stayed - the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort. We got a great rate and were pleasantly surprised with the accommodations. Will definitely be back. Each unit has a view of the ocean.

This picture is three-year old bliss. Playing on the beach with wet hair fresh from the swimming pool!

That night, Daddy turned in early. He didn't feel well (poor Daddy). Our dinner ended up being our ice cream cones (love beach trips!). Elyse and I stayed up and watched a movie eating kettle corn.

In the morning, Elyse and I took Libby out to go potty. She begged to go down to the beach and I'm so glad we did. Libby was literally hopping and diving through the grass - Elyse and I enjoyed it too.

Here we are the next morning as we were packing up.

When we got home I noticed we oddly weren't greeted at the door. I put Elyse down for her nap and heard meowing. Poor Wilson was locked in the hall coat closet the entire time. Poor bud! He didn't potty at all he was in such a small space. He sure is happy now.

Beautiful weather. Great time with my little family. My husband always makes this day special for me. 

Kisses to my Mama in heaven. I love you and miss you, Mom. Thanks to this little girl my heart doesn't hurt the same on this day, but it doesn't mean my love for you has lessened.


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