Monday, May 19, 2014

Just a Little Somethin'

Don't have much time today for much of a post, but here are some fun iPhone photos from the past week or so.

Elyse pulled this shirt out of the dirty clothes from the day before and dug out this skirt to wear with it. I let her wear all of it to school - minus the shoes. The shirt and shoes were hand-me-downs from Maggie so she was so proud to wear them. Flip flops aren't allowed at school, plus they were about four sizes too big. A little negotiation and she thought it was her idea to wear a different pair. Oh, that tactic isn't going to last long!

We had a huge recognition event at work - party for a 1,000 anyone? I had some of the candy stashed around my office and my boss thought it was so funny we had to take a picture.

This was one night on the couch - in her Princess Sofia dress, tights, shoes, bracelet - all picked out by her. Sparkle nails to top it off!

Potty training enticements.

My most treasured Mother's Day gift. So precious! She was so proud to give it to me.

Morning going through Grandma Jo's jewelry - good times!

Today at playgroup Sam and Olivia were there - so great to see them! Sweet girls.

And one final photo - from me and all my randomness. Just to show you - yes my hair ends up everywhere. There is one strand - hanging from the lampshade. Ewww!

And back to your Monday...

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