Sunday, June 1, 2014

Night with Aunt Soup

We had tried to visit Aunt Soup randomly one weekend and couldn't get a hold of her. Elyse asked for her the following week. So, we made up for it by doing a sleepover one night the next weekend. I think I needed Aunt Soup time as much as my girl if we are being honest.

We had such a fun time. We swam in the swim-spa. So fun. And of course Soup did a little photo shoot.

She didn't like this too much. I was just trying to get her to float on her back.

But, it didn't stop me trying.

Horrible picture, but I included it because Sue thought it was so funny.

We had Meconis for dinner and watched ... wait for it ... oh yeah, Frozen of course! Sue got to see it with her two personal sing-a-long performers!

Elyse loved meeting Stanley. Stanley wasn't so sure of her at first, but of course, they were buds.

We love you, Aunt Soup!

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