Monday, June 2, 2014

Back to Fox Hollow Farms

I love days when we wake up and it is decided to randomly do something FUN as a family. This was a wake-up-and-let's-go-to-the-farm kind of day. A friend had told me Fox Hollow Farm had new babies - surely it was time to go! We all had such a good time.

First stop...goats. Just like home (Lattins!).

This cow was so friendly - loved the mooooo!

Time to ride a pony!


I'm sure she asked her how old she was... The girl wants to be TWO or SEVEN. Good stuff.

Love this one. Dad is holding tight and Mom is taking pictures. No one notices Elyse is sideways on the horse! Funny.

Showing off! Beautiful!

Baby pigs! You will see more - we had to keep going back!

Baby kittens were behind a fence this year. But, still popular by our girl! Fortunately, there were tons on the property to pet!

Corn was popular. We went back three times!

Two rules for playing in the corn. No shoes. No throwing corn.  Ahem...

Of course - train ride!

Beautiful girl!

Pigs again!

Bicycle riding!

This house - amazing!


We did the playhouses a few times too!

More baby pigs! This time up close!

They were very playful... fast and jumpy!

And a white peacock on top of the chimney.

It was hard getting her to leave. We had to say goodbye to this horsey before we could leave.

Fox Hollow - you do not disappoint! We will be back!

Here's a look-back at last year's visit - just eleven months ago.

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