Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strawberries and Sunshine

 It is officially summer! What better way to celebrate and start the week, but with berry picking! Elyse was so excited Lucien would join us!

Lucien, "No, Elyse. That one's not ready yet. It needs to be RED".

The no-eating-strawberries rule was not heavily enforced.

LOVE this picture. Funny thing is I was looking through the lens and couldn't even tell you what was going on here.

Elyse would NOT look at me.

"Put your arms around each other" - resulted in this. Cuties.

Two minutes after Elyse asked me to get the sawdust out of her shoes.

We went and had lunch afterward and Geoff and Nate joined us. Deanna and Lucien went back home and Nate came back to play for a while before naptime.

It was sunny and Elyse was quickly in her "baby soup". This was, of course, unplanned so Nate had no suit. I was actually impressed I had these shorts. They seemed more boyish until he put them on. We had a little giggle over that one. But, he was happy!

Thankful days!!

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dkcook7 said...

So glad we were able to go before the season was over. We had fun and we made some yummy strawberry sorbet today. Can't wait for blueberries


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