Monday, September 7, 2009

They're closing in...

No more having the neighborhood to ourselves. We were the first one to purchase a home in our neighborhood two years ago. We had a short time of having all of this space to ourselves - approximately 80 lots of emptiness. I remember sitting out on our back patio on a lovely August evening - relishing the excitement of being in our new home and the beautiful QUIET!

Our neighbors right next door moved in soon thereafter and we were pretty happy when they moved in. It was actually kind of odd being the only ones out here. But, we were pretty good after that thank-you-very-much. Our next-door neighbors are the only home around us. Houses have popped up sporadically throughout the neighborhood, but none close to us. Not until recently. First, we noticed the "sold" signs on the lots across the street. Then, signs popped up behind us. BEHIND US. The day we were dreading.

Check it out. The house is ours. The dirt piles and construction paraphernalia - that is the future of neighbors behind us.

Do you think there could be any more dirt? Good thing it is cooling down here - we won't be able to open our windows for months. I'm already noticing the dust accumulating on our white blinds. Ugh.

We knew this would happen one day. So, now we're just praying for good neighbors.

As Mister Rogers always said, "Won't YOU be my neighbor?" But, hey - I'm in HR man. Don't be thinking there won't be a thorough reference check.

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