Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seattle Sounders

We went to the Seattle Sounders soccer game on Saturday with Corey and Keri. Tom and Molli arranged tickets for us as well as a parking pass and bracelets to the green room with the players, families and coaches. It was our second Sounders game this season, but Corey's first. It was pretty exciting to share this with him and I'm so thankful Tom and Molli shared these passes with us. Thanks, guys!

Corey and Keri took several pictures with the players and coaches. They had a great time.

Side note: the above picture turned out horribly due to the bright sun in the background. This shows how a little photoshopping can fix almost any picture!!

I tried to get pictures of the kids, but they were pretty high on cotton candy.

Second attempt.

And then somehow this one got taken... I can only imagine what I'm saying to them.

But, I looooove this shot of Bill and Maggie. Check out Maggie's freshly applied lip gloss from my purse.

Sounders tied that day, unlike tonight when they won the US Open Cup. Molli flew to DC for the game. So exciting she is there and I can only imagine the celebrations happening tonight. Go Sounders!

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