Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Weekend

I joined the ranks of Twilight fans in 2009. I watched the movie for the first time and late this summer I ordered my first book on I read all four books in a matter of weeks. I finally got it. I was hooked. I found the books to be very different from my normal book club selections, but a fun, quick read and a great diversion. They're reminiscent of my younger years of falling in love - the overwhelming emotion, excitement, stress and oh, the drama!

Marcie and I made plans weeks in advance to watch the movie premiere together with her daughters and their friends. Taryn was so cute. She wore her Dad's Forks High School letterman's jacket and matching flannel.

For those of you who have seen the movies, didn't this gal sitting next to us remind you of Alice?

We couldn't all sit together since there were so many people. This was a Cinetopia theater so, Alisha and her friends sat down in front with all the pillows. We had booked the 21 and over showing. They had a full menu plus wine and beer, plus large footrests and reclining seats. We were set!

The movie was fun, held true to the book, full of great romance and cute boys. What more could you ask for?

Afterward, the whole crew went out to dinner. It was a fun night!

Next up - June 30. Eclipse! Yippee!

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