Friday, November 27, 2009


On Thanksgiving Day I was thankful for many things...
  • my husband for going to the store for me when I burnt the entire first batch of croutons for the stuffing...
  • my Grandma for giving me so much Pampered Chef that I had an extra bar pan in the garage when I sat my hot pan of burnt croutons by the open window and it cracked the pan...
  • my cousin for helping Grandma chop fruit for her salad since she has a broken wrist...
  • my mother-in-law's homemade rolls...
  • sweet memories of my Mom since her absence is always heavy on my heart during the holidays...
  • my nephew for being so dang cute when he says my name I can't even stand it...
  • Martha Stewart cast iron cookware...
  • my sister-in-law for helping me during the chaos that always consumes the kitchen right before we eat...
  • the Traeger grill which allowed us to smoke the turkey and free up our oven...
  • my father-in-law for helping carve the turkey...
  • getting to use my Grannie's china allowing her love to entertain her family live on...
  • on-line recipes which make holiday recipe planning and sharing all the easier...
  • my Aunt for catching all the great photos...
  • my husband for doing all the kitchen clean-up AND sending everyone home with leftovers...
  • having a mixture of families together ... AND
  • my dining room table!
The night before Thanksgiving we went to Brad and Deana's. Jordan was in town so we had cake for his birthday. The boys posing for a picture - Bill, Casey (stepbrother), Jordan (brother) and Brad (biological father).

The boys and me.

It was a great dinner. I had more guests than I'd anticipated - which was a pleasant surprise.

Mmmmm... Turkey on the Traeger.

We couldn't find the whip attachment for the Kitchenaid and the whipping cream wouldn't "whip" without turning it up really high. That makes spray everywhere as you can imagine so we covered it with a towel. My nephew, Carson thought it was really funny that Auntie was making such a mess!

Serving up dinner - cousin Anthony, Uncle Robert and cousin Robbie.

Same as above, but with Robbie's kids (Shane and Peyton) at the bar and Uncle Scott and my brother, Corey.

My father-in-law, Fred, with Uncle Robert and Corey.

Some weirdo, mother-in-law Francie, Aunt Mary Ann and Grandma Jo.

More eating. That's what we do.

My honey.

Uncle Robert and Grandma Jo.

Grandma Jo, Uncle Robert and Robbie.

Silly Robbie - love it.


My sweet nephew, Carson.

Grandma Jo and me.

He's being camera-shy.

Cutie Peyton.

Daddy and daughter.

Scott and Anthony.

Aunt Sue and Robbie.

Little cheesers.

I always enjoy taking pictures of the aftermath in the kitchen.

Carson totally spied me in the kitchen getting him a pumpkin bar. He was so happy!

Now that he has it, he was checking it out.

It was all about the whipped cream.

The end... I stayed up until 12:30 Thanksgiving Eve making desserts and back up early Thanksgiving Day cooking and getting everything ready. I was zonked on the couch at 8:30 p.m.

It is always a lot of work, but very worth it. Somehow hosting these events makes me feel closer to my Mom. Thanks to everyone who helped make the evening so great. Love to you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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