Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Lovely Are Your Branches

We got our Christmas tree last weekend. I swear by the Fraser Fir - I've had one every Christmas for at least the last ten years. I read years ago it is Martha's favorite. Sorry, did that ruin it for you? But, really, they truly are the best. They have sturdy branches like a noble, but are more full and drop less needles than the traditional Douglas. They hold up even your heaviest ornaments. They seem to be harder to come by in this area, but we found a family run tree farm about four years ago we go back to every year.

We're fast tree picker-outers. We find the fraser section and bam - there's our tree. No time wasted.

I got a really funny video of Bill sawing down the tree, but he won't let me post it. Bah humbug.

Sawing down the tree is hard and dirty work!

Here's my theory. The best Christmas tree farms have the shakers. Really, make sure you ask about this. This saves you from LOADS of needles being strewn about your house.

Secondly, the second most important thing is for the tree farm to provide netting. Don't turn down this option. Yes, it is $2.00 extra. But, again this saves you another million needles from falling when you pull it up the walk way, shove it through the front door and get it set up in the stand.

$2.00! That is it.

I watched people buy coffee and cider at the farm and turn down the $2 netting. I don't know, maybe they like finding pine needles in July. Me, not so much.

That netting makes me happy, I tell ya.

I wrote this entry last weekend and was waiting to post when I had it decorated. Planned on doing it Sunday night and the power went out. Then, we were busy, etc. etc. We just brought it inside last night. I finally went to do it tonight and the new lights I pulled out of the box had white cording. WHITE CORDING! What?! I went to THREE STORES on opposite parts of town to get new lights. Fred Meyer, Home Depot - you are lame! Out of Christmas lights on December 11. Shameful!

Needless to say, the tree still isn't decorated. To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

I miss having a tree! Maybe next year... Glad you have the whole system down now. :) Sorry about the lights.



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