Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Highlights 2009

It has been a great holiday - all things considering! A severe stomach flu or potentially food poisoning whipped through my office and hit me hard Tuesday night before Christmas. I was down and OUT Wednesday and so worried about hosting Christmas Eve the next day.

Fortunately, I felt better by Wednesday evening. I still have to be careful about what I eat since my stomach hasn't fully recovered, but the illness itself was pretty brief.

We cleaned really well and Keri was nice enough to help prepare all of the food. I couldn't imagine I was still contagious, but wanted to be safe! No holding babies for me! And boy, did I miss out. Check out Velvet's new little doll - Haley Dawn. She is so beautiful! (We didn't do very well with pictures this year, so I snagged this one from Facebook!)

Carson loved the Jungle Gym Learning Bicycle from Uncle Bill.

Grandma was very excited to get a Wusthof knife like ours!

Anthony was having a great time Christmas Eve!

Who was more excited that Carson got a Sounders jersey from Uncle Bill and Aunt Courtney? I think Daddy!

He couldn't wait to put it on!

Daddy was proud!

Later on... Bill and I exchanged gifts.

What Christmas is complete without a snuggie. A PINK snuggie. With pocket for a remote! (sorry cell phone photo)

Bill and his pineapple (for those who know the story behind this). It is not entirely blog-worthy, but if you ask we'll tell you. :-)

Christmas morning with the Magster. She was my buddy for the morning! She helped unwrap all my presents as well as her own.

Tanner and Jody in the "present fort." It was so sad. Bill and I got Tanner a Star Wars math game and his own Leapster. But, we accidentally got him the charger instead of the actual game. He was so sad, but somehow knew he shouldn't be disappointed, but couldn't help it! Fortunately, they had them at Target the day after!

The fam watching Return of the Jedi with Tanner.

Sunday after Christmas breakfast with Brad and family. (Darn, Casey didn't make the picture!!)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Bill and Courtney

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Jessica said...

Merry Christmas to you and Bill!! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to hang out in 2010. Are you ready with your resolutions?


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