Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Weekend with My Girls

I am finally getting to posting pictures from the visit from Alyson, Kiersten and OJ. I had a cold while they were here, but it really took a turn for the worse this week. I had a fever by Wednesday that seemed to just keep rising and I've felt more than awful. Today's the first day in a while I'm feeling like myself again! So, here we go.

Remember when Alyson came last summer with two college students (Julia and Kiersten) on their way to a YoungLife (YL) camp? Al was back for a YL reunion in Gig Harbor along with Kiersten and they BOTH came for a visit.

Wilson was happy Kiersten was back to snuggle.

But, he still hogged the remote. No Jersey Shore for you!

Kiersten left a day early to go hang with her friend Mario and buddies from Bellingham.

We had to have a little silliness before they left.

OJ came down too and the three of us went shopping and to the movies (Sherlock Holmes). We went over to Sue's for a visit. We called Kiersten to let her know we were visiting the Sexytime rapper and OJ was going to rap/sing with him.

Anthony was pretty excited. He did a "freestyle" rap and OJ sang her heart out with him.

Then, Al decided they needed some back-ups - which led to our video.

Al preparing for her debut.

My favorite part about this picture is not me and the "ove gloves" - it is my crazy friends behind me.

Anthony and OJ.

OJ and Aunt Sue.

Watching our video.

So much fun!

Thank to my wonderful friends and family for such a fun night! I needed to laugh like that. I am required to be way too serious most of the time!

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