Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Sickies

Bill met Elyse and I at the doctor late this afternoon. I've had bronchitis for a month (boo) and Elyse has had non-stop cold bugs. As soon as one virus starts to clear up, a day at daycare brings on a new one. Friday she started with a horrible cough and was feverish much of the long weekend. We both see the same doctor, so I figured I should probably get us both checked out. Turns out I still have bronchitis (no surprise), but fortunately it hasn't turned into anything else. Elyse is OK, but does have the start of an ear infection. Oh, the joys of building immunities.

After the doctor's appointment we went to frozen yogurt where Elyse kept saying, "Ice Skeem for Lysey!!" She was excited.

Pretending to take pictures with the lens cap.

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