Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sweetness and Boogies

Elyse saw this picture on the screen and said, "Got boogie?"

Yep, this is the essence of where we're at. She's two. She picks her nose if something itches.

She is amazingly happy. Cooking eggs in her kitchen, feeding us imaginary snacks and beverages, tucking her sippy cup to sleep with a blanket telling us to "shhhh", pulling up a chair or her stepstool to "help" in the kitchen, reaching up to give us tight hugs around the neck saying "I love you", trying on Daddy's flip flops asking him if they look "cute", chasing down Libby repeatedly yelling "C'mere Libbeeee... C'meeeere!!!", waking up from a nap asking for french toast and always ready to go bye-bye.

Marcie and I took her to Seattle with us last weekend. We stayed in a hotel downtown for shopping and fun. OJ met up with us and we had an amazing time. It was incredibly cold, so we did our best to bundle up each time we headed outdoors. Elyse did great! She was so good. She partied it up for our girls getaway.

Love her.

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