Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking Purdy

A Story of How to Remove Mascara From Carpet by Courtney and Elyse

I posted this to Facebook recently when I couldn't get photos to upload in Blogger. (Still having the problem by the way, Google search tells me to embed in HTML instead of Compose. Problem solved).

One Monday in early January, Elyse had asked to take nap on my bed. I had a two hour conference call while she snoozed away. However... she didn't make a sound when she first woke up. Instead, she went into our bathroom (connected to our room) and got into my makeup.

When I went into the room (I'd heard her talking and knew she was awake) even in the dim light I could see something was on her forehead. I turned on the light and said, "Elyse... what did you do?" Immediately, she starts saying, "Soddy (sorry) Mama... Soddy Mama". Then, I saw the makeup on the floor. I didn't even say anything, but walked out to get the camera.

Then she started bawling.

It is mascara in case you were wondering. I'm actually pretty lucky. When I saw the dark, I worried it was the creamy eyeliner - ugh... I went back to the office to do a Google search of "mascara in carpet". It said to use eye makeup remover. Made sense. I cleaned up as much as I could with a warm washcloth and then rubbed generous amounts of makeup remover into the carpet. I scrubbed and scrubbed and...   it.was.not.working.
I decided to deal with the crying toddler next to me instead. I took her in the bathroom (still absolutely bawling, by the way) and cleaned her face with the makeup remover. It was not easy to scrub off a tender baby face. She had it caked in her hair too and fortunately just a couple wipes with a warm washcloth and baby shampoo and it came right out. I decided to try that on the carpet and voila - and it came right out! Thank goodness!!!
The carpet turned out to be the easy part. It took Elyse probably 40 minutes before she finally settled down.
I showed Bill the pictures that night and we had a good laugh.
Then, came last Friday when I got a text message while at work from Daddy:

At it again. Fortunately, just a mascara moustache this time. Carpet was spared.

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