Monday, February 25, 2013

February 2013

I set aside these ramekins in the hall closet to give to Aunt Sue. Elyse kept digging them out to play with them. I guess Doggy needed a drink.

Serious eyes.

That thumb... We take her thumb out of her mouth and shout, "Big Girl!" She yells back, "Big Girl" with arms raised. And puts her thumb back in her mouth... Ugh.

This girl has some seriously funny faces. This one is something!

She was being super silly this evening.

She will haul that stepstool down to the kitchen from her bathroom to "help". We were making cookies. And the slippers? She puts those on herself.

More faces. We take our baking seriously around here.

All that work in the kitchen can tire a girl out.

I purchased a mini session (15 minutes) for Valentine's Day with a photographer up in Bonney Lake. This is the "after" in the car.

Here's one from the six from her session. On Valentine's Day, I posted one of the ones of her pouting. That is basically what she did the entire time. Here is one good, but serious one, we did manage to get. The family ones... Not so good.

Of course, afterward she was all smiles with a grilled cheese and balloon.

She carried this pillar from the spare room into her room. It became a very handy reading stool. And I guess I interrupted her?!

Morning cartoons while Mama finishes getting ready.

Elyse is in love with her new shoes. She is so taken with them I thought I'd do the honor of photographing them for her.

This girl loves the iPad.

Have a great week!

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