Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo Dump Nov-Dec-Jan 2012/13

I've got scheduled posts almost every day this week. I'm organizing and making sure I don't miss sharing any moments. Yes, it is for some of you, but it is mostly for us... This is our special place to capture our family moments - so we can share this in six months or six years.

Elyse already loves watching her videos. We can watch Vimeo on our new TV and she begs to "Watch Lysey". What can I say?

These are super random and start from most current to about November 2012.

This was yesterday. It probably now seems like I feed my daughter ice cream treats every day. Not true, but they do become photo opportunities. Mama was shopping a fantastic sale at Ann Taylor Loft. Elyse was super-good and Italia is right around the corner. We walked over and had gelato. She was pretty pumped with her mint chocolate chip.
Marcie and Elyse shopping in downtown Seattle Nordstrom on a fun girls getaway.
Shopping at Ann Taylor. Elyse started it and the sales gal helped her complete the look.
After a long day of trekking around Seattle - Caillou helped us entertain her at dinner.
Two of our favorite ladies - two who know my heart completely and now love my daughter like their own.
Elyse got a couple babies for Christmas with pacifiers. She is super into it and will often be silly and suck on the paci herself.
The Christmas angels my Mom painted when she was young. Elyse was INFATUATED with them. She bawled when I packed them away. Here they are tucked to go night-night.
Gotta cook a little breakfast in my new kitchen with my bed head and my new boots on.
Just lookin' cute.
We had playgroup the week before Christmas at Kelly's. She had Polar Express Cocoa in the crockpot. It was simply divine. I had to take a picture of her setup. She also had croissants, darling little paper cups for adults and little ones with lids, striped paper straws and all the toppings you could want (whipped cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows and peppermint crumbles). I am a sucker for this kind of thing - it is the little touches that make my heart happy.
Missy LOVED having her own cocoa.
She was dressed so cute for playgroup because we came straight from the mall to see Santa.
I am so thankful of this age - for every single day I have a sweetie pie who wants to initiate multiple kisses with me. Sometimes it is because she just wants to "share" my lip gloss. But, most times it is 'cause she wants love.
My attempt at a fun mama/daughter pic in the front of the tree with light bokeh did not work out as I'd planned. But, I still love it.

Baby lovin'.

One of the heartwarming things about daycare is when they bring home their projects. This was a large glittery Christmas ornament. Wow, she was proud of it.

And yes, wanted to eat it too.
Wilson loves hanging out under the tree.

"Uh-oh... I spilled my 'nilk'".
Fun night. We bundled up on a super-chilly evening and headed up to see the Zoo Lights at Point Defiance and had dinner afterward at one of our favorite places in the Proctor District.
Sooo pretty. The Narrows Bridge.
This display was great. Elyse loved all the lights, dashing around with happiness.
Bill took a picture of us and we have no idea why it turned out like this. Fun memory to share nonetheless.
No more pictures, please!
One day in November, Elyse and I rode up with Sue and Scott to spend a day with OJ. It was an absolutely miserable, stormy day. We had planned to play on the beach, but it was too nasty. They bundled up and chatted with OJ while Elyse slept and I baked cookies and organized OJ's cupboards.
I do love to do this. And I love OJ - so it is double the happiness for me. Here is the after. Cue the music!
Family feet.

First day of daycare. Just the thought of it makes my stomach turn. The second day was the hardest... What matters now is it was a great decision and she is doing amazing now. She goes one day one week and two days the next. It has worked really well!
Breakfast at Darbys'.

OK, I think that is enough... Gotta back up the phone once in a while and then catch any other pictures I've missed along the way. Happy Friday!

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