Monday, February 4, 2013

More Old Pics

OK, they aren't new pics, but they aren't THAT old. They are just a few more pictures that I've never shared here before. And there's no time like the present to share with you random photos.

One day at playgroup with Luke, Lydia, Nate, Lucien and Elyse playing in Erin's bathtub. AND, eating blueberries. Good times!
I make my hair appointments on Mondays. Elyse gets to watch a movie while she waits for Daddy to pick her up (highlights take forever!).
Breakfast at Paco's Tacos with Grandma Jo.
LOVE this.

Normally, I'd never address anything work-related here, but this one is different. My boss left our agency in Septemer and they did up this super clever picture for her. Beth is in the wheelchair and that is me on the far left. It is a cell phone picture of the photo, so the quality is not so great.
 On the way back from Cannon Beach in September, Bill and I stopped and had breakfast in Astoria. Elyse was antsy so Elyse and I walked down the street and popped into an antique store. We ended up bringing this awesome dresser home and went back a month later and got the matching one. Stay tuned for the after photos.
Elyse and Jennifer - our friend and hair dresser. We love her.
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