Sunday, June 16, 2013

Checking off that Summer List!

Yesterday, Sue and I had planned to take Elyse strawberry picking. I even dressed her in darling strawberry pants, a red shirt to hide berry stains and tennis shoes for out in the dirt.

Except, the berries weren't ready for picking yet. Dang.

Yet, somehow it turned into the perfect morning anyway.

We went to the park at Percival Landing.

To the potty. Always a hit.

And only Aunt Sue captures pictures in the bathroom. But, good memories still.

Down the boardwalk.

To the Farmer's Market where we got some fresh produce - apples, a lovely looking onion and some apriums (apricot and plum). She enjoyed an aprium on the way to coffee at Batdorf.

Back home. Scared of a BUG on the slide.

Babies outside.

Libby enjoying the sun.

A corona!!(I'm acting like a smartie here, but we couldn't remember the word yesterday).


Making a summer list.

And then she erased it!

So, more fun drawing.

We said bye-bye to Aunt Soup and when Elyse was down for a nap, I worked again on our list.

And made a home for it in the office.

Beautiful morning with two of my favorite girls. How are you enjoying summer?

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