Monday, June 10, 2013

Rode the Horsey!

For several years now, Marcie and I have went to the Packwood Flea Market. It is a long drive, but we always enjoy the day. This year was Elyse's third outing to Packwood.

This year, we got brand new clothes from Costco and even our favorite Mac makeup. But, the show-stopper was something different. They had something super exciting for Elyse. I knew she'd be tickled when she saw it, but I thought she was still probably too little.

I was wrong.

Elyse "rode the horsey" (her words)!

The pony's name was Molly and yes, we had big tears when it was time to leave the horsies behind.

This little girl was SO proud and she smiled this amazing smile that spread from ear-to-ear. It was as if she could burst, yet she tried to also be so cool. But, each time she came around the circle and caught my eye, she couldn't contain her proud grin. It was the happiest I have ever seen my daughter.

I was so proud of her! She is only two and a half and there she was balanced on this little pony - Mama not even in the ring with her. Big girl!

I already have a call into someone local who has ponies. She so wants to do that again! And to see that smile again, you bet we will make it happen!
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