Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sun, Beaches, Kites and Fun

This was a weekend in early May that the Pacific Northwest saw our first burst of summer. We soaked up every ray of sunshine we could that weekend.
We started at a local flea market where we found a bicycle to keep at Grandma Francie's and Papa Fred's. She rode it all the way to the car. Serious face.

Next up, we went to Tolmie State Park with Scott, Jessica, Addy and Charlotte. Elyse got her first taste of toes in the sand for the season.

Addy and Elyse.

Scott told the girls that was just "salad in the water".
Lots of playing in the backyard.

Dang, this girl has a lot of hair!

She loves swinging that pony!

New favorite picture. I love that you can see her mole on her chin. Love the dirt on her chin. Her beautiful bluish-hazel eyes. Love HER.

This is the baby stroller, AKA "the Ride". This started in Hawaii when Elyse was about 14 months old, we'd ask her, "Do you want to walk or do you want to ride?" She now calls every stroller her "Ride".

We let her take the Ride to the store from time to time. She happily pushes her baby all around. She even brought it garage saling with us last weekend. Is "garage saling" even a term? Hmmm....

This was the last day she wore this shirt. When she'd raise her arms, you could see her belly. But, we got some good times out of that last wearing.

Jessica, Charlotte, Addy, Elyse and I all went to Burfoot Park.

Next up... kite flying. We had been at Grandma Jo's a couple nights prior and Elyse saw some children flying a kite. She wouldn't stop talking about it and Grandma told her to ask her Daddy to get her a kite. She was right on that and it was the first thing she asked him as she burst into the door.

Guess what? Daddy got her a kite. Actually two.

She was so proud!

The following weekend, we took the trailer to the beach at Westport. She'd enjoyed Burfoot and Tolmie so much, she kept begging us to go back to the "beach". So, Bill suggested a getaway.

First, we were hungry. Here are the sillies waiting for our pizza to come. Boy, do we love House of Pizza. Yum.

Grayland is only 15 minutes from Westport and we headed that way so Elyse could fly kites and see some BIG ones. Well, she didn't last the entire way there.

Time to wake up and head onto the beach!

She also got a new kite at a shop in downtown Westport.

Back at home, we spent time indoors too. Barbie and Wilson hanging out during Elyse's bath in "Mommy's bath" - AKA our big tub.

Serious face lifting baby out of the shopping cart.

Our beautiful little girl.

Again, the HAIR! So long and so beautiful!


And Nosey wants a piece of the action.

Hi, Libby!

The End.

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