Sunday, December 7, 2008


My friend Heather and I reunited to do something we hadn't done in TWENTY YEARS! It just felt fun to say that! We're getting old. And before I tell you what (if you don't know what the headline means) you are not allowed to say, "Why did you do that?" You think I haven't heard that before!
At 14 years old, Heather and I were IN LOVE with Donnie, Dannie, Joey, Jordan, Jonathon... Yes, the New Kids on the Block or just NKOTB. I had remembered what huge fans we were and that we had went to their concert. She reminded me - we went to THREE of their concerts. She said my Mom took us to every single one of them.
So, NKOTB reunited and we went to see them as our own "reunion" of sorts. We expected to laugh and reminisce, but weren't expecting to enjoy ourselves as much as we did. They still had all the same dance moves to their old songs - and we just laughed and screamed with delight watching them! It is funny how you think you forget things like song lyrics from so long ago, but wow - how they come back to you and suddenly you feel like a kid again. We sang our hearts out and had a great time.

We were touched remembering Mom too - she was so great about taking us to those concerts and I know she was with us that night too. We were bummed we didn't dress up with side ponytails and flourescent legwarmers like many other gals did. That was a crack-up. So many women were there - groups of girls from all over the place re-living old memories just like us.

Oh, don't tell our husbands, but we thought our guys were still pretty cute. She always liked Jordan and I was a sucker for Joey. Oh, to be fourteen again.

If you were a fan, here is a little Please Don't Go Girl with my fav - little Joey. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Heather! You'll always be my BFF!

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The Norris Clan said...

OH..... can you just HEAR my jealousy?! I didn't get to go when I was 14, and I didn't get to go now that I am 34. I am SO jealous! So glad you were able to go!! Heather looks great, too. Just the same...


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