Friday, December 5, 2008

Only 20 More Days

I've been negligent of creating any new posts lately. Actually, I've been negligent about doing a lot of things.

I've gotten sick twice in November - like you think you are better and a week later - BAM! I think I've pretty much rounded the bend now, just a bit of annoying hacking.

Work has been very intense. I don't even have to tell you why - you know what I do for a living.

Family stuff has been difficult and stressful. I'll leave it at that.

My friend's husband's passing away - that has been tough. That was my first time seeing a military service with honors - Taps and the 21-gun salute is enough to shake anyone up.

I've tried to just bury my head in the sand a bit to deal with all of it. It is working for now. But, it is Christmas! Where have I been? I'm normally knee-deep in the flurry of the holiday by now. I've bought like one gift. We have our outdoor lights up (thanks, Bill), but still no decorations and certainly no tree. Ugh.

I'm going to get with it here soon. This post is to hold myself accountable. I hereby swear to get into the holiday spirit! Amen.

And here is just something funny. Wilson is incredibly obsessed with mealtimes. Here is the OCD cat in action.

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The Norris Clan said...

Oh Courtney... I feel your pain. I feel like my head is in the sand a bit, as well... I have all my decorations including my tree out of their boxes in the middle of my living room, and NOTHING is put where it should be. Been like that for three days :-) You will get there! Watch a good Christmas movie... that puts me in the mood every time!


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