Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas Present

I did it. I'm in the Christmas spirit now... Here are the lights Bill put up. Aren't they lovely?

It does help to come home to these every day. And look - we even got snow!

Then, we went to look at these. Can you believe it?

We felt it was time to get a dog now while we still have Annie - so she can teach her good doggie lessons. So, we just went to look (yeah right). Ten puppies! Can you even stand it?

Bill picked his girl - they called her Cici. They said she was very sweet and the most athletic.

I was learning about how to give shots... But, I think I'll find a friend willing to help. Neither Bill or I think we can do it!

We stopped at Lynn's house on the way home. Doesn't she look cute posing by her tree?

Her name is Libby. This was after bath - which she did NOT like by the way.
Annie already showing her the ropes on going outside to "potty". Good thing these pups were used to being outside. Training a puppy when there is snow on the ground is not exactly what I had in mind.

Molli brought the kids by when she heard the news. She just told them they were coming to Uncle Bill's and Aunt Courtney's to see something - they were so excited to find out what the surprise was. But, I think Maggie was a little disappointed when she was leaving empty-handed - she kept saying, "But, where's my present?" Tanner just kept saying, "But, where did you get the puppy?" and "I didn't see this dog the last time I was here."
Libby slept in the crate last night in the family room and it was a looooong night of puppy yelps and cries. Oh my goodness. We think we'll put the kennel in the bonus room tonight instead - hopefully making it a little easier to sleep.
So far, she's been a good girl. No accidents and she is pretty mellow. Please God, let this continue! More to come...


The Norris Clan said...

OH! She is adorable!! Puppies are really the best, even with all the work they bring :-) And your house looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, My! What a cutie!! She's adorable!!!


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